II’m someone with a great admiration for the wonderful writing by other bloggers, and am a lover of coffee and reading. I am not a “writer” so the words that I write don’t necessarily follow other people’s rules of writing.  I just write as I think and as I speak, just how it comes out., dubious grammar and punctuation and all, with occasional corrections when I find I have started nearly every sentence with And !

I’m female and apart from reading I count embroidery as one of my interests , but apart from that I don’t feel the need to list details about  myself. The posts i make show my interests.

My blogs –

lazycoffees.wordpress.com               mainly about bookhs

boundforoz.wordpress.com               for family istory and old photos

diamant-solitaire.blogspot.com.au     for quilting and embroidery




4 thoughts on “About

  1. I just realized I’ve neglected to hit the follow, even though I’ve been reading your posts! Gasp and apologies. Love the book rack! What a great idea. I used to have one I used for recipe books (back when I actually cooked *snort*). I will be on the look out for this handy book essential.

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